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ASTER Technologies
The ASTER Technologies
October 2015   Volume 12
Inside this issue...
1.Visit ASTER at the AUTOTESTCON 2015 Show.
2.TestWay Express: Lean NPI optimizes Test Coverage.
3.twSystem: the first system level viewer.
4.QuadView integrated within TestStand and LabView.
Visit ASTER at the AUTOTESTCON 2015 Show in Maryland, USA
AUTOTESTCON ASTER Technologies will be exhibiting at the IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2015 show in National Harbor, Maryland, USA during the 3th to 5th November, 2015. Why not come and visit us on Booth 431?
Please join us and discuss any requirements you may have relating to Board & System visualization, Electrical DfT analysis, Test Coverage analysis, Test program generation, CAD translation or Quality Management.

ASTER will also be demonstrating their advanced technology that enables lean NPI. See below for more details.

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  TestWay Express generates test programs
Lean NPI optimizes Test Coverage.
DfT de la conception au production TestWay Express is a fully integrated solution that enables electronic manufacturers to optimize the design to test flow:
  • Define the manufacturing line; including a combination of assembly, inspection and test machines.
  • Estimate the test coverage of each individual stage and optimize the combined results.
  • Generate the input files for each test stage that reflect the selected strategy.
  • Measure the real test coverage by importing the post-debug test program or coverage data.
  • Compare the early estimation with the actual measured test program coverage, identifying gaps in the overall strategy.

Test is essential for improving product quality by striving to detect and prevent faults on a product. This maximizes the number of good products shipped to the customer. TestWay helps to:
  • Define the optimum test strategy to maximize the test coverage.
  • Produce a test specification document that defines what to test.
  • Compare the developed tests against the test requirements.
  • Understand the production process capability and determine an acceptable level of defects that can be shipped to the customer.
TestWay Express is built around TestWay, the industry leading DfT and test coverage analysis tool from the ASTER product portfolio.

CAD converter, Comparative Data Checker, Bed of nails re-use, automatic documentation for Assembly or Test will be demonstrated.

ASTER Technologies will present a technical white paper entitled "DfX - Design for Excellence - How to build a consistent design-to-test flow in order to deliver defect-free PCBA's" at the 29th Aerospace Testing Seminar, in Los Angeles between the 27th and 28th October 2015.

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  System viewer: twSystem
Christophe LOTZ, President of ASTER, announces a new product: twSystem, the first board level system viewer in the World!
Doc Portal twSystem can be used in the design environment to assist DfT and test coverage analysis at the schematic capture stage as well as during prototype troubleshooting. Within the manufacturing environment, it becomes an integral part of the repair cycle, assisting in the locating of faults and significantly reducing repair time.

twSystem is designed to import native CAD data for each board comprising the system. In addition, a formal description of the backplane or cables is used to describe the interconnection of the boards.

Product performance is a critical issue in order to speed-up loading, viewing, searching and navigation, even when the system includes more than 10 boards with 3000 components on each.

When the CAD data of the system is loaded, twSystem delivers various representations of the system.
  • List of the boards, backplanes and cables comprising the system. When a board is part of an interconnection, the corresponding connection is highlighted.
  • Flat netlist view of the full system, which is the foundation for navigation between interconnecting boards within a system
  • Mechanical 3D interactive view of the box, including the boards.
  • One window for each active board. Each combining the BOM, schematic diagram and CAD layout.

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  QuadView deeply integrated with TestStand and LabView
TestStand LabView
QuadView integrated with TestStand A functional test solution is developed, primarily within the hardware design environment, as a test vehicle for verifying that a PCB meets its design criteria. Once the design validation and prototyping test phases are complete, the test vehicle is transferred to the Test Engineering department. It is then used as a functional test platform to verify that manufactured products meet their performance specification and are 'fit for purpose' to be shipped to the customer. The functional test stage is the final PCB quality gate.

However, functional testers are a challenge because:
  • Functional test program development is time consuming compared with structural test.
  • It is extremely difficult to predict test coverage provided by a test program unless fault simulation has been undertaken.
  • Fault diagnosis is either limited or in some cases non-existent, with the majority of tests simply providing a PASS/FAIL status.
ASTER is pleased to announce a revolutionary technology to eliminate functional test drawbacks: the integration of QuadView within National Instruments TestStand and LabView.
  • Reduced test program development & debug using the schematic & virtual schematic views.
  • Precise test coverage analysis during functional test development.
  • Quick localization of failure/defect on schematic and layout view: QuadView is used as Repair station.
  • Accurate diagnosis using the Sherlock algorithm: Overlapping test analysis between functional test steps or between structural tests and functional tests.

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